When Russel Bott passed by Pemba in 1997 he thought, as most of us do, that he had found a magic place. But unlike what most of us do, he decided to stay and acquired a piece of land full of cashew trees near the beach.


The construction of Pemba Magic Lodge began in 1998. It started out as a campsite with a few tents and a dormitory for backpackers, and was soon to become a favourite hang around place for the local and expat community.


In time, the construction of the bungalows began, all individually designed by Russel Bott and all using as many local products as possible.


Today, the place offers six different size bungalows, a shared dormitory, a camping site and a large restaurant and bar. 

Pemba Magic Lodge was long known as “Russel’s Place" or simply “The Campsite”, but since 2008 the place started using its original name: Pemba Magic Lodge. The bar and restaurant grew into the favourite place for expats to hangout, becoming an ideal place for any visitor to meet the local community.

Russel's Place

The construction of Pemba Magic Lodge began in 1998, when Russell Bott passed by Pemba and decided to stay. The bar became a mandatory visit for everyone passing through Pemba!

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Take a tour with us through Pemba Magic Lodge's history

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